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Our Philosophy

7CAP112R3CA90QEUPCA5MF0VSCAQ49G2OCAR1XBIOCA2BCDP6CA0Q36X5CAP12MM4CAFMKRTHCAAOXCPRCANG9QR2CAU2FVIOCAHMHSODCA7C710CCASQ0E1ZCACMY3O6CA1XRE5KCACRMFGBCAWL4CU2_2_1.jpgAs part of the chiropractic philosophy, we feel very strongly that the world can benefit greatly from a move toward chiropractic treatment and, away from unnecessary drugs. An example of an unnecessary drug would be like those used to combat the common cold, for example. The body is an amazing self-healing organism--- as long as there is no nerve interference from the body to the brain.  For the sake of simplicity, think of this communication as a 'safety pin' with the brain as the 'clasp' and the body as the the 'pin.'  As long as the pin is closed, the circuit is connected.  If the pin becomes unfastened the pin does not function in the manner it was intended. 3CAE5DDFICA0E57NOCA50QF12CAM9NBB1CA5T6D6ZCAQJEEHCCA0EMPMHCA7G7T5WCA3QRQOSCARI5218CAKOTHX2CABL23PVCATRXH33CAWY9UYICALMH0QQCA22GATXCA1T1KY4CA1TVVL8CAGB2PAD.jpg The same holds true for the immune system.  If the circuit is working properly (brain-body communication) it is strengthened and the body functions optimally.  Therefore, the body does not get run down making these drugs unnecessary. Think about it.  Most drugs simply mask the problem, they do not eliminate the problem.  Drugs are not concerned with the cause of the problem theyonlyaddress the symptom.  Imagine going to a mechanic with the philosphy of a leaky radiator and all he/she does is put more anti-freeze in!?  The symptom (loss of antifreeze) is fixed but the problem (leaky radiator) is not fixed.  It is like that with drugs. Now imagine you have eaten a bowl of cereal and you start feeling nauseous.  So you decide to see  a doctor about your upset stomach.  He/she gives you a pill and the symptom goes away. However, next day you get up eat a bowl of cereal and the nausea comes back. The doctor gave you only one pill so you go back to see him or her.  He/she gives you another pill and the nausea goes away.  The same thing happens for the next week.  Wouldn't you still want to know why you are sick to your stomach?  Maybe you are allergic to milk or lactose intolerant.  At Back To Health Family Chiropractic, we work with you to get to the core of the proble not just to get rid of the symptom. 

FCA3BPNGWCAF73D4WCA53006SCA50ME0NCA3IU5IBCACQPF31CAQ2XAWBCAP408T3CAHJ2UVECANDQMV8CAHOFGCPCADBBZDKCA0NKPKMCAX7JW23CA2HXRTTCANI2ICQCAIO2A15CA7CA469CA55SO2I.jpgEver wonder why some people get sick all the time but other family members do not?  It is most likely caused by a subluxation whereas the nerve transmission to/from the brain is compromised.  How will a drug fix that?  Wouldn't it be simpler to fix this imbalance with chiropractic care rather than to use drugs whose purpose is only to mask the pain or symptom? Who knows what long term side effects are occurring from these drugs.  (Even 'over the counter drugs' have side effects).What is truly scary is that these drugs fool us into thinking that we are "healthy." (Think of the recent death of Tim Russert.  He was so young! He had been under the care of a doctor and, had taken his medicines faithfully.)  We are not saying all medicines are bad.  It is the indiscriminate use of drugs--- the philosophy of a pill for every ill---which those in chiropractic feel is leading the public toward a false sense of security when it comes to health. 

True health is not merely the absence of pain or symptoms. True health IS the optimal function of the body which allows us to enjoy a full and satisfying life… uninhibited by pain or symptoms.  This can be achieved by including chiropractic care in your active, healthy lifestyle.



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  • "The staff was very nice and caring. I recommend you to go if needed. from Dr. Keefe."
    Cindy M. St. Albans, VT

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